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Tyrolean Folk Art

1. Culture Vultures


You are interested in traditional hand made products, in art of the locals and in local architecture. Find out about Alfons Walde (1891-1958) who achieved international recognition mainly with the posters of winter landscapes and winter sports motifs created 1920-1938. He was the first artist to successfully bring skiing as a subject into painting.

Explore the difference of farm houses in every valley and region of our small country and get to know about 1809 - the most important year in Tyroleans history!

available dates you will find pressing the button "book here"


2. Culture included

- The Museum of Tyrolean Regional Heritage in Innsbruck is one of the most beautiful of its kind in Europe.
- Museum Kitzbühel including the Alfons Walde exhibition.
- Museum of Tyrolean Farmhouses (April-October)
Tyrolean Krippen (November-February) "Krippe" = crib/nativity scene
- Tyrol Panorama with Kaiserjäger Museum and Berg Isel Ski Jump: long tradition meets modern architecture!
- visit of local festivals (depending on dates you booked)
All transports to all those interesting spots are included as well as airport transerfs from/to Innsbruck, Salzburg and Munich,

3. Always Included

  • Talk to the people

​     Daily german courses that are led
     by your own german teacher.
     Every day will also feature german
     discussion on current events or
     similar topics.


  • Accommodation

    You can choose whether you would
    like to stay in a cosy bed and
    breakfast or stay in an apartment
    together with other participants.


  • Shopaholics

     ​If you are coming from overseas
     we will ensure that you get the
     most of your tax free shopping
     experience. There are multiple
     malls in the area and transport to
     these is of course included.

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