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Language & cultural experience - What is it?    

Thanks to modern technology the world has become smaler. In business life as well as in our private surroundings we communicate with the whole world. The quality of this communication always depends on the possibility to understand your dialogue partner. To be able to speak the language of the person on the other side of the table is getting more and more important.  At our camps you will learn the German language, improve your knowledge or get prepared for business life in a German speaking country.

Every country has got its own culture which is a result of its history , its circumstances of life in the past and how they evolved into the present day. Art, festivals, fashion, customs and the general way of living makes every region unique. Therefore it is an important part of our camps to get to know the various kinds of culture in the German speaking countries.

At the programs you will learn the language and acquire the skills  to act appropriately in your setting at our intercultural training. Speak the German language and find the differences in the way we live, work and socialise.

We found out to travel this way you will get out most of any holiday. Join us to use the German language to get deep into the Alpine culture lifestyle and customs! Our team will guide you on many hidden paths.

Marcus Herovitsch

Don‘t you agree?

It is about time to find out what we really want. Is it to count the number of places you have seen or do you want to make memories that will last a lifetime?

If you are looking for experiences like you have never done before you will enjoy our programs.

And if there is something on your mind that you don‘t know how to organise let us know and we will take care of it  - for you!

Holidays off the mainstream & outstanding accommodation in Tirol!
Your -Team


“It was great to be back in Austria where I spent one year as an exchange student! Great to use my 'Austrian dialect' again”

- Ron St. -

“As a student I could not see the need a foreign language would have for my business career. Now it is indispensable for me to be multilingual.”

- Stefan H. -

“Austrian Apfelstrudel is delicious but even better when you bake it yourself. We went shopping and had a lot of fun in the kitchen - and by the way: We always had to use our German.”

- Laura G. -

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