Selbsgekocht genießen
Die Bergalm


1. Cows with flowers

In May the farmers bring their cows up on the mountains where they stay all summer. Meanwhile the farmers can make hay down in the valley to feed their cattle throughout a long winter.

At mid till end of September the cows come back from the mountains and to show that it was a good summer they are decorated with little trees and flowers on top and with big bells.

Down in the valley the rest of the farmers family prepares a feast to celebrate with the whole family.


2. The whole village celebrates!

Nowadays tourists and locals celebrate together in the village with traditional music and specialities - and "one or two" beers.

One of the biggest of those festival takes place in the village of Söll.

In 2021 the festival week takes place from September 18 till September 25.
There are many atractions on the mountains as well as in the village the whole week long. 
The Almabtrieb itself takes place on Saturday September 21st, 2021

3. Included in our
Almabtreib Package

- 7 or 4 nights B&B

- 5 or 3 day lift pass to go up the mountains

- Visit a mountain-hut for the traditional cheese production

- see how the decoration has been made - all hand made of course

- and enjoy the festival

All transports to all those interesting spots are included as well as airport transerfs from/to Innsbruck, Salzburg and Munich.

Price: € 395,00 / €495,00