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Cineastic Experience

1. Film Land Tirol

Blockbusters like James Bond - Spectre, TV Series such as "Der Bergdoktor", historical and touristic films "Der Weisse Rausch" or Ed Sheeran's Video Clip "Perfect"

All those productions and many more
found one of their spots to film in Tirol. And some of them are really breathtaking.

Come and find the tracks of some of those productions which took place in Tirol within the last centuries.

All available dates you will find pressing the "Book now"-Button.

2. Specials included

-Watch the movie / clip the night
  before you go to visit the spots.

-Visit Kitzbühel and the start-house
  for its famous downhill race
  "One hell of a Ride"

- James Bond 007 "Spectre"
  See the 007 Elements - a James  
  Bond Cinematic Instellation and the 
  breathtaking view from the ice Q
  on top of Gaislachkogel in Sölden.

  - (E-)Bike Tour to all the spots of
  "Der Bergdoktor" - one of the most
  popular TV-series in German
  speaking countries, Skandiavia
  and Corea.

All transports to all those interesting spots are included as well as airport transerfs from/to Innsbruck, Salzburg and Munich,

3. Always Included

  • Talk to the people

​     Daily german courses that are led
     by your own german teacher.
     Every day will also feature german
     discussion on current events or
     similar topics.


  • Accommodation

    You can choose whether you would
    like to stay in a cosy bed and
    breakfast or stay in an apartment
    together with other participants.


  • Shopaholics

     ​If you are coming from overseas
     we will ensure that you get the
     most of your tax free shopping
     experience. There are multiple
     malls in the area and transport to
     these is of course included.

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